The Watchmaker, also known as Nash, is the main antagonist in the 2015 film Survivor.

He is portrayed by the legendary former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.


The Watchmaker is one of the most infamous assassins in the world, known for his precision work and as the culprit behind a bombing in Paris in the past. The Watchmaker is hired by a group of terrorists to orchestrate an attack in New York City, but a member of the American Embassy in London, named Kate Abbott, begins investigating his employers and The Watchmaker is soon dispatched to assassinate her. He attempts to kill Kate on several occasions but she manages to escape, all the while being framed for the terrorist attacks being committed by The Watchmaker himself.

During the climax, Kate discovers that The Watchmaker is planning to detonate a bomb in Times Square and tracks him to the roof of a building. Despite his violent attempts to stop her, Kate manages to prevent him from triggering the explosion and they begin to fight. As The Watchmaker grabs Kate, she pushes him backwards over the edge of the sloping rooftop, leaving him clinging on for his life. Finally, Kate steps on his fingers and sends him sliding off the roof to his death.