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The Walrus (on the left) and the Carpenter

The Walrus is the villain of the poem/song sequence "The Walrus and the Carpenter", as told by Tweedledum and Tweedledee in the Disney's Alice In Wonderland.


He convinces a school of baby oysters to go on a "walk" with him, and takes them to a makeshift restaurant where the greedy Walrus succeeds in devouring the young oysters but is then attacked by the carpenter after he is tricked out of a meal and/or realizes the full severity of what the Walrus had just done.

Although only a villain in a story-within-a-story. the Walrus is known as one of the few Disney villains that succeeds in the task at hand (which in this case is technically mass infanticide).     

The Walrus acts as the leader of the duo. He is in many ways like Honest John from the film Pinocchio: he is a conniving character who resorts to trickery to get what he wants. While the Carpenter believes that finding employment will better improve their lives, work is the last thing on the Walrus's mind, regardless of his constant ramblings of "cabbages and kings" (his way of saying that their futures will soon enough be bright). He is also very greedy and self-conceited, not hesitating to eat all of the naive oysters (whom he deceptively convinced to follow him ashore and into a restaurant that Carpenter built out of salvaged remnants of a boat) by himself, much to the Carpenter's rage of being left out of the feast. The Carpenter chases the walrus and tries to kill him with his hammer.

Role in Alice in Wonderland

When Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum warn Alice that her curious nature could get her in trouble they proceed to tell her the story of poor oysters who met their demise because of their curiosity.

The Walrus and the Carpenter were traveling through the beach when the Carpenter discovered a family of oysters. The Walrus tricks them into coming with them on a walk, the oysters being unaware that the duo was planning to eat them. The Walrus used his clever lies to arouse the oysters' curiosity and, with a merry Pied Piper-like dance and flute solo, lures them to a restaurant built by the Carpenter in less than a few seconds. Once there, the Walrus tricks the Carpenter into preparing some food so he can eat all the oysters himself. When the Carpenter returns, he calls the little oysters and, when they do not respond, he looks for them and, behind the menu, he sees the empty oyster shells and realizes that the Walrus didn't leave any for him. He then proceeds to chase the Walrus in anger.

They are later seen near the end of the film in the final chase sequence when Alice tries to escape from Wonderland. In the scene the Walrus and the Carpenter, along with the other characters in the film chase Alice through a vortex leading her back to the doorway home.

The Walrus is seen crying after eating the oysters, possibly because he either felt sorry for them or because he had eaten them all so quickly.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Only the Carpenter, portrayed by John Prowse, appear in the show. Alice meet him when she finds herself inadvertently in a strange wood while she left on Cyrus's tracks, himself having released itself from the cage where he was prisoner by Jafar. However Alice becomes suddenly euphoric, insane and amnesic concerning her lover. Will Scarlett who joined her, discovers that the wood has a power hypnotizing on people which crosses it, putting them in a state close to hallucinogenic effects and transforms them literally into tree as it was the case for The Carpenter whose legs were replaced by a trunk.


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Alice in Wonderland - The Walrus and the Carpenter

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