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I'm pretty enough to be on TV, right? Especially if I get my tits lifted the way I want.
~ The Waitress
I know I am. I'm so bad. I'm bad.
~ The Waitress about her habit of lying.

The Waitess (real name: Veronica) is a fame-seeking greedy waitress and one of the villains of the 2010 dark fantasy novel Horns by Joe Hill and the 2013 dark fantasy comedy thriller movie adaption of the same name.

She was portrayed by Heather Gramar who is best known for her role as both Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Josephine "Jo" Wingfield in Say It Isn't So.

The Waitress works at a local diner called Eve's Family Diner within the small American town of Gideon, New Hampshire and has aspiring dreams of being a TV star. She who lied everybody when Ig killed Merrian to television when the real killer stil on loose it and a year later Ig returns and finds Veronica in the car and sent his snakes to bite her and all damaged body for what did for him and Merrian whom she eyes on her father. He said to her "See vanity doesn't pay. And it's gonna be a long time for you to even try and look pretty again.".



  • The Eve's Family Diner

    Eve's Family Diner

    Eve's Family Diner which was founded within the town of Gideon 2 years after World War II, is actually a local Canadian diner called Rocko's Diner in Mission, British Columbia, and it takes imagery and name from the first female human Eve of Biblical tradition and the Forbidden Fruit.
  • She seems to be very proud and joyful of lying to others and getting what she wants. This seems have allusions to 2 demonic religious figures: The Devil who is both called the "Father of Lies" and the "Great Deceiver" because of his power and habit to manipulate and trick people into believing false truths and doing evil things. And Lilith, Adam's first wife before Eve, who left both him and her former home of the Garden of Eden because she was full of pride as she refused to become subservient to her former husband and then would not return to Paradise.