I know his sphere of influence is immense, stretching far across international boundaries. I know he plays with lives, collects and discards people as if they were dolls... I know, too, that he was once Absinthe's mentor... but I do not know who he is. Or where he can be found. Or even what he looks like.
~ Margot (Bandette Issue 10)

The Voice, while remaining generally unheard in public circles and most law enforcement agencies, is the code-name for an international terrorist and criminal mastermind whose powers of manipulation and coercion are near unmatched. The Voice acts as the main antagonist of the second story arc of Bandette, "The House of the Green Mask", replacing his own failed pupil, Absinthe.

The Voice, Absinthe's Empire, and Bandette

While little is currently known about The Voice's true identity or abilities, the hints about The Voice's true nature and influence in France and the rest of the world can be seen in faint glimpses or accounts from people who've had direct dealings with The Voice, most of whom have been physically, mentally, or emotionally crushed by his influence. Margot, The Voice's double agent within FINIS headquarters, was coerced into doing what she did because the master criminal kidnapped her parents and stole her whole life away from her. It is also known that The Voice used to be the mentor of France's previous crime lord Absinthe, however the two had a falling out leading to The Voice using Margot as a pawn to topple his empire. He has no tolerance for failure just as Absinthe had no tolerance- however, instead of outright killing all, he makes them choose a card. Black cards signify death and other cards signify other ghastly punishments. He also has a network of assassins and spies but it is presumed that his network is both larger and more efficient than Absinthe's.