The amulet grants its keeper the ability to wield the kinetic energy of the Mother Stone, but it also grants them the ability to communicate and to travel using a plane of existence parallel to our own. When they do, stonekeepers may find themselves under the influence of a dark, governing spirit -- a 'voice'.
~ "Prince of the Elves"

The entity contained within a stone, simply referred to as a "Voice", is a recurring force in the Amulet series, debuting in the initial stages of "The Stonekeeper". The entity guides Emily throughout the series, but is also subject to suspicious intent, even being described as "shifty" by Emily's brother, Navin.


"The Stonekeeper's Curse" hints at the possibility that the stone is somewhat of a malevolent force, often pressuring Emily into using its powers, hence taking the form of a "stonekeeper's curse". With the stone's power, Emily is able to take down hordes of elf troops and destroy those who stand in her path, but these powers can easily overwhelm its user and can often inflict pain onto them. According to Leon, however, the power within the stone is able to be controlled, depending on the discipline of its wearer.

During the events of "Prince of the Elves", Emily questions the stone's intent during a dream state. She deduces that the Elf King and Max Griffin are both under the influence and control of a governing force, and questions her stone's voice. She is abruptly cut off, however, and awakens.

Emily and Prince Trellis later meet through visions of their individual stones, subsequently after they had both suffered devastating blows. Max happens to be nearby with a voice similar to Emily's. Noticing her, the spirit reveals a pleasurable grin. During the end, Emily enters yet another concious dream state in the Voice's chamber. A shadowy, flame-like creatue emerges and alerts her that "his master" has invited Emily to a game of chess. The Voice, invisible, moves a chess piece and Emily joins in.