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The Variants are some of the main antagonists of Outlast and the DLC, Outlast: Whistleblower. They are inmates and patients that roam the halls of Mount Massive Asylum.

After Miles enters in the Mount Massive Asylum, he is soon stalked by unknown creatures named Variants, they are the psychopatic inmates that killed almost everyone in the asylum.

It's revealed that they were modified by a machine named Morphogenic Engine that transformed them into those abominations.

Known Variants

Known Variants in Outlast

Know Variants in Outlast: Whistleblower

Powers and Abilities: Most of not all Variants display enhanced physical abilities, Most are able to bash through doors and evens walls in the case of Chris Walker. Many Variants also arms themselves with pipes, Bats, Knives and other things they have scavenged from the asylum.

Several Variants were able to retain a certain level of intelligence, like Richard Trager and the Twins were able to open doors instead of bashing them.

Lastly though it does seem to varies some Variants seem to have some level of night vision allowing them to easily track miles through the darkened halls of the asylum.


  • Although most Variants are somewhat mutated or altered, there are some that have no physical changes at all, such as the The Twins.
  • Many Variants are barely conscious, while some, on the other hand, have some knowledge of what's happening. Many Variants that are conscious of their actions, however, make the choice to cause harm to Miles and others.
  • Some Variants around the asylum seem to fear Chris Walker. This is hinted at the beginning of the game when Miles approaches the security room a Variant can be heard mumbling about how Walker is just going to find and kill them all.
  • In the Prison Block, a Variant can be seen engaging in Necrophilia.
  • In the Underground Lab, a Variant can be seen standing in a bloody hallway staring at Billy's pod.
  • Judging by their actions and the events of Outlast, it seems that most (if not all) variants are part of an asylum riot where it is every man for himself with very little to no groups helping each other survive. Father Martin organized a cult, using the church as a safe house to protect the other variants from others that are too insane and dangerous.


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