The urge

The Urge is a rock star that appeared in "Trash Boat" and in "Exit 9B". He was first seen on a television program, explaining his success. He said that he became successful when he decided to change his name, which he came up with by combining two random words. It was he who inspired Rigby to change his name to Trash Boat. He is seen again later in the episode when he comes from the future to kill Rigby because Rigby stole The Urge's fame when he changed his name to Trash Boat. He is the lead singer of the band Barracuda Deathwish. After Rigby changed his name back, The Urge was glad that he was back; however, he was killed by Duncan Flex, a musician who wanted to kill him for robbing him of his fame.

The Future-self version of the Urge was resurrected for revenge in "Exit 9B" but was sent back to the underworld after Thomas signed the document that made the park a historcal landmark.


The Urge is seen wearing a black suit, a red cape, a red headband, gold wrist bands, gold shoulder pads, black combat boots with gold shin guards on them and a black star around his left eye. When he goes back in time to kill Rigby, he wears the same ensemble except he gets a black helmet and visor. Also, he is seen carrying his white multi-neck guitar with him, which now has the ability to fire lasers. During his interview, he's seen wearing a white tank top instead of his black suit.


  • His name is a play on U2's The Edge.
  • The helmet and armor of his future self resemble that of the Clone Troopers, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Pre Vizsla, or the Mandalorians from the Star Wars franchise.
  • His armor and helmet could also possibly be a reference to Judge Dredd from the UK comics of the same name.
  • Also, his outfit appears very similar to Velvet Overkill.
  • He is a bit similar to the Night Owl who also didn't want to lose his fame and was enemies with Rigby.
  • As a rockstar, he has the ability to sing high notes in a shrill voice.
  • The black star on his left eye on his future self is a reference to musician Paul Stanley, of Kiss.