The The Unreal Shriek Squeal was the leading ghost of a television haunting phenomenon.


For three weeks, ghosts gathered to the The Unreal Shriek Squeal in Central Park. They formed a pirated TV station called WBOO, the Big Boo. The ghosts discovered that television was a suitable medium for ghosts to instantly travel from one point to another, no matter the distance. The Unreal Shriek Squeal led the charge to get the Big Boo network to go national. If that happened, the ghosts could terrorize the entire world at their choosing.

The Ghostbusters and Slimer tracked down WBOO and entered the phantom building in Central Park. They targeted the station's dynamo, the source that was channeling its free floating spectral energy. Once it was disabled, the station would lose its feed and would be unable to go national at midnight. The Unreal Shriek Squeal appeared to prevent their interference but was no match. He was dispersed and the building collapsed.