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The Unnamed Hunter was the main antagonist of the Looney Tunes cartoon All This, and Rabbit Stew. The hunter was portrayed as a young, slightly incompetent, African American, and as such, the short is highly controversial.

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be offensive to anyone in particular. If you find this article racially insensitive, please leave. You have been warned.

All This, and Rabbit Stew

The short begins with the hunter walking over to Bugs Bunny's rabbithole with the intention to shoot him. It is unknown why this particular hunter replaced Elmer Fudd as the person who would try to shoot Bugs. He lead Bugs to a tree trunk, and Bugs took the advantage to distract him. He introduces himself to the hunter, and then goes underground. He then takes the hunter's gun. The hunter later realized that he was being tricked by Bugs, and he attempted to use a toilet plunger to force Bugs from the ground. He only gets a skunk, however. He then threw the skunk back into the hole and covers the hole up with dirt. Bugs then proceeded to lure him to a bear cave, and they both flee from the bear. They hide in one of the rabbit holes, but they soon realized that the bear was also hiding with them in the hole. The hunter and Bugs ran off together in order to get away from the bear.

While they were walking with each other, the hunter attempted to use that moment to finally catch that rascally rabbit. Bugs later tricks him into getting into a log, and the hunter fell out of it when the log was close to a cliff. Bugs tried to leave, but the hunter returns infuriated. Just when he was about to shoot the rabbit, Bugs manipulates him into playing a dice game with him. The short then ended with Bugs winning the hunter's clothes and gun, and the hunter naked and defeated. Bugs then proceeded to take the fig leaf that was covering the hunter's groin off before the iris faded out.




  • Because of the presence of this character in the short, it is apart of a series of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons called the "Censored Eleven".
  • His real name could been Sambo, because of a very similar character like him appeared in another "Censored Eleven" cartoon called: Angle Puss.

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