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This organisation is a work in progress. For some reason, I can't work the "work in progress" sign in here.

The Union is a fictional crime syndicate in the James Bond series written by Raymond Benson. Described by Benson himself as "a blue collar version of SPECTRE...with no qualms of dirty jobs", they are an organisation of murderers, capable of anything from petty theft to large-scale industrial terrorism, aided no end by an uncanny ability to infiltrate law organisations, which makes them impossible to capture.

Founding and usurping

The neo-Nazi former United States Marine operative and white supremacist militia leader Taylor Michael Harris founded the Union, primarily as a humble organisation of killers from everywhere in the world, but primarily restricted to North America, Western Europe, the former USSR and the Middle East.

Soon, Harris himself was killed by the Corsican criminal Olivier Cesari, with the backing of Harris' lieutenants and several minted people. Under Cesari (or Le Gerant, as he preferred to be known), the Union shifted from being another militia to being the most dangerous crime syndicate in the world.


High Time to Kill

MI6 agent James Bond is at the home of the Governor of the Bahamas, an old friend of his, when suddenly, the Governor is shot dead by an assassin. As Bond pursues the assassin, who eventually kills himself so as to avoid interrogation, it turns out the Governor had a severe gambling debt with an unnamed member of the Union


Never Dream of Dying

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