The Undertaker SVR
~ The Undertaker in the video games of Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 and in live-action wrestling
What do you want?
~ The Undertaker
If you insist on making this mistake, your grieving family will have no one to blame but you when the inevitable occurs.
~ The Undertaker to Chris Benoit about Benoit's family
Soon at Judgment Day, you will lose your championship and also your career*(creepy laugh)*
~ The Undertaker
The Undertaker is known to be a good person and an protagonist in the video game series. But in some games, he mostly serves as an antagonist and a nemesis of the wrestlers.

Smackdown! Vs. Raw

If you choose The Undertaker in Smackdown! Vs. Raw, The Undertaker was silent when he talks, but the text appears why he talks, bit you can select The Undertaker as your choice.

Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

The Undertaker appeared as a good person, but after he loses to Mr. Kennedy, he plots to predicts Chris Benoit's suicide as well, he was known as an antagonist.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008

I'm going to get you, Rey!

The Undertaker attacking Rey Mysterio

The Undertaker appears as an good person, but if you select Kane, Batista or a created wrestler, he becomes an antagonist, he attacked Batista or Kane by saying "You're not gonna to pay the price!" he was angry at the wrestler, if you a call from The Undertaker, a laugh could be heard that it was The Phenom.

If you tried to beat The Great Khali by using Batista, Kane or a created superstar, The Undertaker arrives and chokeslam the wrestler caused The Great Khali to win the match, next week, The Undertaker arrives and injured Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy and he laughs maniacally, if you had a phonecall from The Undertaker who was read "No messages here" The Undertaker is still laughing like his brother Kane in the phonecall.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009

The Undertaker and Zombie Santino

The Undertaker controlling Santino Marella

The Undertaker appears as an anti-hero in Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009, he has hatred towards Santino and Finlay who was been hired by The Boogeyman, he saved Kane from Nu School's influence and reunited to form Brothers of Destruction, but Boogeyman interrupts and destroy Kane, The Undertaker plots to avenge his brother by fighting a member of Nu School and recovers the Mystic Urn stolen from Nu School, he blinds a member of Nu School and plots to brainwash him by using him as a follower and another member was shocked about his friend possessed by The Undertaker, when the brainwashed member of Nu School defeat ed a Nu School member, the latter tried to wake him up, but The Undertaker kicks a Nu School member out of the Wrestling Ring and enslaved the Nu School member until Rey Mysterio defeated the brainwashed Nu School member, The Undertaker freed the Nu School member from its influence for good.

Later, The Undertaker survived from Boogeyman's attack and confronted him in Hell in a Cell match, when The Undertaker wins and seals Boogeyman in the casket, he disappeared him in a lightning and said "!"

WWE All Stars

Med 5493UndertakerMove 1280x720

The Undertaker appeared as a good person, but in Path of Champions The Undertaker, he helped Paul Bearer to take down a superstar, but he was later redeemed.

WWE '13


The Undertaker from the 1990s appears as an protagonist when he has a brother named Kane helped Shawn Michaels to defeat him, later in Wrestlemania 14, he manages to defeat his brother as well, in Summerslam 1998 he replaced his brother by dressed up as him to confront Stone Cold Steve Austin, later, both he and Kane work together to take down Vince McMahon.

WWE 2k14

The undertaker wwe2k14 poster by menasamih-d6jl618

The Undertaker appears as an protagonist when two or three characters of himself including, from 2000s, 1990s who was the same from Legends of Wrestlemania, and another was from Smackdown! 2 Know your Role and the final was from the present, he wears a spiked coat, in Wrestlemania 11, he beats King Kong Bundy, in Wrestlemania 12, he beats Kevin Nash, in Wrestlemania 14 he beats Kane. We can see The Undertaker with a short mohawk hair from Wrestlemania 28 when he defeats Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match and Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee.

WWE 2k15

The Undertaker is normally portrayed as a good person, but in MyCareer mode, he confronts a created wrestler and attacked him, at Wrestlemania after he loses to the created superstar, he renounces his villainous ways and shows respect to the Created Superstar, he was no longer an antagonist but an protagonist. 
The Undertaker 2k15