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For in Hell or in the Wrestling ring. I am the Lord of Darkness!
~ The Undertaker who responding to Embelmer
The Undertaker (Beau Smith) is an antagonist who appeared in WWF (now WWE) Comic as an protagonist. In 1997 in a comic book. The appearence of The Undertaker is in fact an anti-hero because of his rages and his angers and covered of full bloods caused by the dark energies, his green eyes are turned scary with white-full eyes. He speak finally.

The Undertaker in his Grimm Reaper form


The story was focused primarily on the Undertaker, who in the comic book resembled his appearance circa 1998. The Undertaker was revealed to be the ruler of 'Stygian' a plane known as Hell's Prison Realm, where the worst and most deadly and evil of souls are remanded after Death. The Undertaker was both its ruler and its warden. According to the story, the Undertaker had ruled Stygian for untold ages, and would have continued to do so if not for the invasion of a druid named Augustus, who also called himself The Embalmer. Gaining entrance to Stygian, the Embalmer battled the Undertaker, intent on claiming three books which contained a prophecy by a being called the Death Scribe. This prophecy claimed the Undertaker would at some point consume all the power contained within these three books which were claimed to have a history of the future, as well as several unholy spells, and arcane procedures which resembled the Frankenstein monster, one of which is later used in the story, written before recorded time by the Death Scribe, in addition to the prophecy. Whosoever claimed and absorbed the powers of all three books could either contain that power and rule, or call down armageddon and recreate the universe in their own image. This power motivated Augustus to invade Stygian after learning of the three Books of Death, and naturally brought him into conflict with the Undertaker, the keeper of the books. The battle between the Undertaker and the Embalmer set the prophecy into motion, as the Undertaker was exiled for a time from Stygian, taking with him one of the three books, and was reborn four hundred and fifty years or so later in the twentieth century to mortal parents. He also had a brother,Kane, who was later revealed to be the son of Undertaker's mortal mother and Paul Bearer, another transgressor into Stygian who had begun a war with the Embalmer for control of that plane of reality and who also

436653-undertaker1 super

The Undertaker choking a monster demon by the neck.

possessed one of the three Books of Death. The Embalmer at some point found the Undertaker, not knowing at the time that he had one of the books within his body, and took him back to stygian as a slave after the Undertaker set fire to his family funeral home. Eventually, The war for stygian was taken into the rings of WWE (then the World Wrestling Federation), whereby each force involved would wage secret war against the others. The Undertaker and Kane were involved directly in battles, while Bearer and the Embalmer sent proxies to do their battling for them. Eventually, the war spilled out of the wrestling rings and became uncontainable by anything as the four major players in the story, (The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, the Embalmer, and Kane) continued to attack one another. Paul Bearer ultimately allied himself with the Undertaker, while the Embalmer forcibly enlisted Kane by holding Kane's younger half-sister Jezebelle (they share the same father) hostage. However, by the series' end, the Undertaker, Bearer, Kane, and Jezebelle combined forces to defeat the Embalmer, at the cost of the immortality and some of the powers of Undertaker and Bearer, who went off in search of the books which were scattered on Earth.

The Undertaker defends himself against a monster

The Undertaker Halloween special depicted the Undertaker in his 'Ministry of Darkness' appearance, from 1999, having reclaimed one of the books, and battling Samhain, the Lord of the Dead, when Samhain captured the souls of Undertaker's mortal parents.

The Undertaker: The deposed ruler of Stygian for untold millennia, Undertaker was banished into a limbo of some type by Augustus during their battle in the Middle Ages. Reborn four hundred and fifty years later, Undertaker had a mortal life with parents and a younger brother. He had forgotten his life prior to the one he now lived until at some point, he set fire to his home, killing his mortal parents and scarring his younger brother. Enslaved by the Embalmer, Undertaker spent many years in Stygian, before regaining his original form and powers, and set about to reclaim his kingdom. He carries within him one of the three Books of Death. He is not strictly evil, per se, but he has no qualms about killing, and was depicted as more of an anti-hero in the series, with only one instance of the character actively working to save the lives of others from a creature unleashed by the Embalmer called a Soul Eater. Undertaker was able to defeat the creature when it attempted to eat his soul because, according to the Undertaker himself, he had no soul to be eaten. With the grudging aid of his half-brother and Jezebelle, along with Paul Bearer, Undertaker was able to defeat the Embalmer and briefly regained all of the Books of Death, only for a final spell by the Embalmer to be unleashed, which scattered the books. The Undertaker was turned into a mortal, with much of his powers stripped from him, and he again set off to find the Books at the end of the series. (Presumably this would have been the start of a new story arc in which Undertaker would have been searching for the books and facing new adversaries.) However the serie


The Undertaker finished off the lord of dead.

s was ended permanently at this point. However, Undertaker regained his powers when he at some point regained possession of one of the Books of Death during the Halloween special, set after the end of the series, during which he battled Samhain, the lord of the dead.

Paul Bearer: Undertaker's on and off manager in the WWE, was depicted in the comic book series as a prison doctor during the late 19th century during the American Civil War, who through Frankensteinian-like experiments, managed to open a gateway into Stygian. He captured or was somehow already in possession of one of the Books of Death, and began recruiting Dark Souls for his own cause, and began warring with Augustus for control of Stygian. At some point, Bearer was supposedly capable of ordering Kane about to do his bidding (as depicted in issue 1 of the series, though this changed later on, and in issue #0, a Wizard exclusive comic, Kane was depicted as a wildcard who served neither of the three other forces involved in the ongoing war for control of Stygian), but the two apparently went their separate ways. Bearer allied himself with the Undertaker midway through the series, claiming that he believed that the combined forces of the Undertaker and the Embalmer would eventually overwhelm his own forces, and felt Undertaker to be his best chance to gain untold power and riches, and became Undertaker's second in command. Like the Embalmer, Bearer was also a master of the mystic arts, particularly the power to reanimate the bodies of the dead. He was much more cowardly than Undertaker, Kane, or Embalmer, but was crafty and very intelligent, and had read much of the lore contained within his volume of the Books of Death, which made him valuable to the Undertaker.


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