The Underground 3 Members

Mr. Black, Righty, & Lefty.

The Underground is the members of the Eklipse organization Team's which organize the matches for Axistown, their Monsunos are Spikelash, Poisonwing, Snapclaw and Firewalker. Chase Suno Jinja & Bren traveled for Axistown to meet one The Underground's member Grandma Future because Jinja heard type which heard type which heard Granda Future according to Grandma Future know a lot things so Chase, Jinja, & Bren, went to meet him because they thought ask know he something for Jeredy Suno. he said that man titled Mr. Black his son know him something Bren fighters Mr. Black's against but Bren lost to then Jinja received Monsuno Essence & Chase Suno fled but Grandma Future messenger Mr. Black, Righty, & Lefty, take care of Chase Suno Jinja & Bren. but when the bad guy threesome was beaten they tried to escape & then Chase stopped Mr. Black's for him loose its knows he something for Jeredy Suno but he did not know so Chase let him to go when Mr. Black returned to the Grandma Future was him mad. later One-Eyed Jack & Desert Wolves appeared for Axistown & released for 2 The Underground's Monsuno Snapclaw & Firewalker it was silly. Later season 3 The Underground was one Eklipse Resistance's team.