Donald "The Ugly" Dempsey is the titular antagonist of the short flash game, The Ugly.


Donald is an escaped convict who infiltrates into the protagonist's house and "kills" her parents. While The Ugly was hiding in the house, the protagonist appears and realises that her parents are gone, the protagonist turns on the sound and hides in the curtains and sees a strange man walking in the house, the protagonist goes to the bathroom and finds her father's severed head inside the toiled and pulls out a key inside of his mouth.

The protagonist then opens a locked door with the key, the door leads to a dark corridor with two doors, one with The Ugly inside and the other with the mother. The protagonist goes to her parents's bedroom and finds the mother naked and almost dead (for a split of second we can see a flashback showing The Ugly raping the mom), the mother then tries to tell to her daughter that The Ugly is behind her. The mother pulls out a handgun and kills The Ugly right before he was going to kill her daughter.


  • The Ugly is one of the most (if not the most) evil antagonists in the flash game universe.
  • The Ugly is quiet in the entire game.