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The Twins are two playable characters in the video-game "The Cave" but have a dark origin, in addition they are continually talked of as evil by the Cave itself and seem to be motivated purely out of a desire for personal freedom, regardless of who they have to harm in order to achieve said freedom.

The Twins are made up of a boy and a girl from a Victorian family who continually tried to find ways to murder their parents due to being forced to do chores and obey bedtimes - despite this the Twins parents were depicted as being very gentle and innocent people who tried to care for them as best they could.

They also killed their previous dog for barking too much, showing even animals were not immune to their wrath, in a flashback it was shown that they tried unsuccessfully to kill both parents before ultimately finding a means to silence them forever by adding rat poison to their mother's soup : killing both parents and allowing them to be free to do what they pleased.

Interestingly enough all of the playable characters in The Cave are somewhat morally flawed to the point of being protagonist villains but can obtain either a "Good" or "Bad" destiny by choices they make within the titular Cave.


The Twins have the ability to form spectral clones of themselves.


  • they are likely inspired by both Damien Thorn and the Children from Village of The Damned

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