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The 2 males seen through Aviva’s binoculars

The Twin Males
are 2 adult male lions who appeared in the Wild Kratts episode "Bad Hair Day". While Chris and Martin are following the lion He Who Breathes Fire on his patrol they hear a lioness calling out for him informing him that 2 other male lions are approaching their territory who want to take over the pride and kill the cubs (since they're not theirs) . When the cubs see them coming they hide in the grass, but the twins smell them hiding there. So Aviva and Koki are able to distact them with the Guineafowl Flapper, until one of them knocks it out of the air. So the crew loads the cubs into the Createrra and take them to the Tortuga for safety, but the 2 males follow them and begin to climb the Tortuga trying to get in. Suddenly one of the cubs accidentally opens the sun roof letting the 2 males in, when everyone hide in the Hippo Sub one of the cubs accidentally knocks the controller out of Aviva's hand allowing the sub to open. Just then He Who Breathes Fire arrives and manages to fight them off and the 2 males run away and aren't seen again.

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