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The Toturer is one of the thirteen monsters from Howl O Scream 2013.


The toturer is a monster who killed people by toturer them. He scare people from the park by jumping out of corner and attack the visitor of the park. He's not speaking his body is covered of pins. He wear a full pin mask covered his face. He also have a haunted where he torture all of his victims by make them suffer. He's enjoy the scream the people make when they walk to the house. he love wathing having fear in their eyes and having nightmare every nights. People who go to the park meet him and can tell he was really scary and they fear the torturer and think he still around the park looking for new victim. because people know they are not save with all monsters around the park looking for a good scare and nightmares everynihts. Some people see him in a corner a the park and scream when he show up they run away before he return at his corner waiting for more visitors and scare them too.

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