Needless to say, he never escaped his small town life. His remains, still buried in a small plot overlooking his beloved ballfield.
~ Cyrus Kriticos regarding Royce Clayton (aka The Torn Prince).

Royce Clayton, chosen to be The Torn Prince by Cyrus Kriticos, is a main character and antagonist in Thir13en Ghosts.

He was portrayed by Craig Olejnik.


Before death

Born in 1940, Royce was an avid baseball player, a major of his league, but also an arrogant fool with a superiority complex. Many schools of the country were offering huge amounts of money to have Royce in their teams, to no avail. Everyone who knew him, also loved his skills and baseball passion. During 1957, he was challenged by a greaser called Johnny to a car race, which Clayton's ego forced him to accept. However, during the race, Royce's car flipped over and exploded, sending several tire shards to the right side of his body, tearing him to shreds.


His ghost still carries his favorite baseball bat (which he uses as a weapon), and wears a leather jacket and jeans. The right side of his body is torn to shreds due to his accident. The background of his containment cube shows his race car, completely turned and destroyed.

Role in the movie

Royce's ghost begins attacking Arthur Kriticos and Dennis Rafkin who holding a pane of Ectobar glass in defense, after the Hammer is released from his containment cube within the Basileus Machine's basement. He is seen during the climax as one of the ghosts that throw Cyrus into the Ocularis Infernum contraption, killing him. He is then seen leaving the machine with the other ghosts, finally crossing over.



  • The Prince's design and death may have been inspired by actor James Dean, known for the popularity of the "greaser" look and his unfortunate death in a car crash.