The Toddler is the main antagonist of the Henry Dangers two-parter series premire The Danger Begins.


The Toddler is a man who wears a diaper and behaves like a baby. He first appears on a television screen when Captain Man was demonstrating to him about a real supervillain. He described him as being "pure evil". On the television screen, he was shown spitting in one of his henchmen's (who he had tied up) face for not bringing him his apple sauce on time. He then talks about how he's they are going to begin phase two of their plan when one of his other henchmen tells him that they received an explosive liquid. He then complains about how much effort it takes to spit and tells him to have a scientist build something to help him do that. Afterwards, they find out that the second phase of his plan was to collapse a bridge which caused several people and cars to fall into the ocean however Captain Man and Henry Dangers manage to save everyone from drowning. They later find out that while they were busy pulling people out of the water The Toddler stole five thousand packages of diapers and implanted them with radioactive substance that would turn all the babies into tiny, green monsters.

Captain Man ends up captured by The Toddler after he tries to stop him by himself. Henry later goes over to The Toddler's hide out to save him and uses the song of an ice cream truck on his phone to distract him. They leave and after that, Henry comes in and Captain Man tells him to pull a lever on the wall. However, The Toddler and his henchman return and see Henry. He quickly pulls the lever and Captain Man’s baby swing starts moving around. He takes advantage of this by using his legs to kick the henchmen. Henry begins fighting them, too. Once all of the henchmen are unconscious, The Toddler pulls out a bottle with an explosive liquid inside. He closes all the doors, but then, Henry pushes Captain Man towards The Toddler. Captain Man kicks him into an endless ball pit and he is destroyed. Henry then throws the explosive into the ball pit and it explodes, completely killing The Toddler.

He made a second appearance in the crossover episode Danger and Thunder as the main antagonist.