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Murder, dismemberment

The Three Murderers are three characters who only appeared in the episode Hell on the Earth 2006, from the adult animated series South Park. They are based on three real-life serial killers: Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.

Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy were given the task of picking up Satan's Ferrari cake, but the trio quickly descended into Three Stooges-esque antics, with Bundy playing the role of Moe, Dahmer playing the role of Larry and Gacy playing the role of Curly.

Later, when the cake is destroyed and they have to make a new one, they get into a fight. During the fight, Bundy tears out Gacy's eyes with his fingers and cuts off Dahmer's tongue. He is then stabbed by Dahmer in the ribs then through the roof of his mouth also by Dahmer then collapses to the floor. Gacy (without his eyes) hits Dahmer in the head with a rolling pin. They presumably return to Hell following their deaths (where were they gonna go? Detroit?), but have not been seen since.


Bundy is the only member of this group to not have a sibling(s). Gacy had 2 sisters and Dahmer had 1 brother.

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