The Third Army is the name given to the new soldiers of the Guardians of the Universe in their attempt to bring order to the Cosmos. They are the main antagonists of the "Rise of the Third Army" storyline


The existence of the Third Army was long prophesied in the Book of the Black as the soldiers that were to replace the Green Lantern Corps, created by the beings that would become the greatest threat to the Corps, the Guardians of the Universe. Seeing the failure of the Manhunters that resulted in the Massacre of Sector 666, and the War of the Light and the War of the Green Lanterns led the Guardians see their very corps just as flawed as the Manhunters. After brainwashing Ganthet back into their ranks, the Guardians went in and orchestrate many events that would eliminate any threats to their plan. With their enemies in disarray, the Guardians went to the Chamber of Shadows, and after battling their brethren that were guarding it, they moved the prison of the First Lantern to Earth. There, they siphoned his power with their flesh, creating the first member of the Third Army. Composed of Oan flesh, the soldier had no free will, thus able to follow the Guardians orders without hesitation. It is able to multiply by assimilating other lifeforms, such as the man who came to investigate. With this in mind, the Guardians to assimilate more organics into their ranks in order to wage war and to bring the order to the cosmos that they desire

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Conflict with the Corps

On Earth and throughout many sectors, the Third Army began to assimilate all alien life forms into their ranks. On a planet where the Red Lantern Corps were delivering their justice, the Third Army ambushed them, and in the process, assimilated one of the Red Lanterns in front of Atrocitus. On Earth, they began assimilating humans, adding more to their ranks, and tasked with finding Guy Gardner and assimilate him, but were thwarted by the new Green Lantern SImon Baz. In the end, with Atrocitus leading the Manhunters and Kyle Rayne becoming a White Lantern, the Third Army was pushed, and finally destroyed when the prison of the First Lantern was destroyed, releasing Volthoom. Volthoom retook the power that was taken from him, and the Third Army was disintegrated into dust