The Teacher

Dr. Talbot (also known as The Teacher)

Now this may hurt a little, but trust me when I say it's for your own good.
~ The Teacher

Dr. Talbot, also known as The Teacher, is the leader of the Quanta Group and the primary villain of the 2007 thriller film Believers.

He was portrayed by Daniel Benzali.


Little is specifically known about Dr. Talbot that he is a brilliant scientist who developed his esetoric research into mathematics is that he was the first who founded the group under the guiding principal doctrine of "the formula", a strange mathmatical equation he strongly believes is the key to Earth's survival. While on duty two emergency paramedics, David Vaughn and Victor Hernandez, receive a call from a young girl named Libby, whose mother has lost consciousness in a deserted area. However, when they get there they are captured by members of the cult of Quanta.

The two men discover that the Quanta Group is composed of scientists, philosophers and mathematicians and led by a man who calls himself "The Teacher". The Quanta Group believes that the end of the world is coming soon and are preparing for a mass suicide. While Victor is seduced by the group, David must try to escape and save his friend before it's too late. Victor after his arm was stitched by the Quanta members who recently shot him, was approached by Rebecca who was dead but somehow awoken back to life by the Teacher. She then warped his beliefs about God and changed him the same way she was by the Teacher.

The Quanta Group were then called to the basement of their hidden lair to prepare for the final days.

In end, only David, Libby and her mother Mara were the survivors of the Quanta Group's planned mass suicide as the cult members murdered themselves with poison gas. But their leader's strange prophetic warning of the Earth consumed by a rain of fire later came true when a destructive meteor shower hit all of California. It is unknown whenever or not David Vaughn an dhis wife along with Libby survived the frightening scenario of the Teacher's perdiction.