The Syndicate was a villain group from Sonic the Comic: Online

Consisting of Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Zachary, Vichama and Rouge the Bat they awakened Shadow the Hedgehog and destroyed the Special Zone. 


The Syndicate was first formed when Dr. Zachary sought to awaken Shadow the Hedgehog to destroy the world. After Shadow's awakening, Zachary made him annihilate the Special Zone. The group diverged, and each was fought and defeated by the Freedom Fighters, but Robotnik was taken over by Drakons, and began attacking Mobius once more. But in the end, they were foiled by Sonic using a Chaos Tap. The group has since disbanded.


  • Doctor Zachary: The group's de facto leader. Captured by Knuckles and brought back to the Floating Island after being betrayed by Vichama.
  • Doctor Robotnik: Insane former ruler of Mobius. Mute and driven by a murderous need to personally kill Sonic. Disappeared in the explosion of the Death Carrier, but has since returned, partly controlling the New Robotnik Empire.
  • Vichama: The God of Death, initially in the form of a muscle-bound echidna from the ancient past. When the Syndicate's plan backfired, he used the Chaos Emeralds to escape his echidna body, taking on a spectral form. Later returned to the Floating Island and revealed his true form, only to be killed by Knuckles and his own undead army.
  • Rouge the Bat: Treasure hunter and double agent, secretly working for the Drakon Empire. Disappeared as soon as the Chaos Siphon began to backfire. Currently being pursued by Dunzi and the Household Keepers.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: The ultimate life form created by the Drakons. Totally apathetic and devoted to Robotnik, who taught him all he knew as Doctor Kintobor. Died in the explosion of the Death Carrier while teleporting Robotnik to safety... Or did he?


  • The Syndicate is obviously based off the original Sonic Adventure 2-era Team Dark, but some fans also see parallels to Digimon's Dark Masters.

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