The Swiss were a team of villains from the second season animated series The Tick by Ben Edlund. They were each equipped with giant Swiss Army knives equipped with various spy and paramilitary gear attachments. They are clear on the fact that they were not commisioned by, nor do they represent the government of Switzerland, but were industrial spies who happened to originate in Switzerland.


The Swiss spied on Carmelita and Arthur for an unknown period of time. They were commisioned by an unknown corporation to steal the Vahtos flying suit that both Arthur and Carmelita possessed, and share their secrets with the group who commisioned them. They run afoul of Die Fledermaus and American Maid while attempting to capture Arthur and Carmelita, but they manage to evade both heroes. They attempt to capture Arthur and Carmelita while they dined publically at a fancy resturant. They were defeated by the heroes with the help of the Tick.