The Swarm Lord is the main antagonist in the 1993 obscure German animated film, The Magic Voyage.

He was voiced by the late Eric Vaessen in the original German version and the late Dan Haggerty in the English dub.


Not much is known about the Swarm Lord's origins, other than being a entity comprised out of an insect colony. He kidnapped Marilyn, the Princess of the Moonsprites from her home so he can know how the use the Moonsprite magic to become invincible. He refused to listen to Marilyn while she told him their magic doesn't work in the hands of evil. After Pico found her imprisoned in a chandelier in King Ferdinand II's castle, the Swarm Lord took Marylin to the land Christopher Columbus would discover.

As Columbus' ship got closer to the new land, the Swarm Lord attacked it to prevent the heroes from reaching the land, but failed. When the group managed to get to the Aztec Temple-like hideout of the Swarm Lord, as Pico freed Marilyn from the honeycomb tower in the temple, the Swarm Lord attacked them and Columbus. After a short battle, Columbus squished the Swarm Lord with a golden idol.


  • The Swarm Lord can alter his appearance into a face, a wizard, a demon, a bull, a serpent, and a tornado.