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Evil Doer


Full Name
Jaden Yuki (English Version) Yukai Judai (Japanese Version)
Haou Judai (Japanese Version)
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Enter the Shadows
Dark Lord of Dark World
Powerful Evil Hero Deck, Dark Magic
Sending his minions to slaughter innocent people, dueling the survivors.
Rule all of Dark World, complete Super Polymerization.
Type of Villain
Dark Lord/Alter Ego
You will bow to me, you will beg forgiveness, and maybe I will spare you.
~ The Supreme King

The Supreme King is one of the main antagonists of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX season 3 and is considered one of the darkest characters in the anime, especially due to the fact that he is the alter-ego of the main protagonist Jaden Yuki (Yukai Judai in the Japanese version).


Rise of the Supreme King

The Supreme King was first mentioned by Harpie's Brother after the later was defeated by Jaden. Amazed by Jaden's courage and equity, Harpie's Brother begged Jaden to defeat the evil that rules his world (the Supreme King) and to become himself the King.

As Jaden went deeper into the alternate dimension, he could not control his emotions, especially anger and hatred, which resulted the awakening of his dormant powers. When Zure Knight of Dark World killed a boy, who resembled Jesse Anderson a glowing aura appeared around Jaden and Zure remarked that he is not like the other Duelists. When several Jaden's friends were sacrificed during the Duel with Brron, Mad King of Dark World, Jaden let his hatred and anger to take control over him which awakened the Supreme King's powers inside himself. Jaden used that powers in the Duel to get revenge on Brron for lost of his friends. Although the Duel ended with Jaden's victory, his remaining friends were disappointed by his action and left him alone.

Reign of Terror

After the Duel the spirit of the Supreme King sensed Jaden's negative emotions and tempts him to evil with the Super Polymerization card that Brron previously tried to complete. He suggests that to truly defeat evil, Jaden himself must become evil. He successfully convinces Jaden, as thus became the dominent personality. While in control, his first action was mobilizing an army to slaughter numerous Duelists in order to complete the "Super Polymerization" card. He later began to oppress many local villages, coercing their allegiance through strong-arm tactics and sets his eyes on a village that serves as his primary resistance for a trap for the survivors of his attacks.

After slaugtering a village, the Supreme King was challenged by Jim Cook, who was utterly horrified when he saw the Dark Lords face. Nevertheless he dueled the monarch. In the duel he used the Eye of Oricalcum to see the evil inside Jaden and tried to destroy it. But despite they eyes power and reducing the Supreme King's lifepoints to 50, Jim was eventually defeated and slain by the Supreme King.

Fall of the Supreme King

After Jim's death, the Supreme King focused all his power on eliminating the last pockets of resistence and completing Super Polymerization. But Axel Brody arrived and challenged the Supreme King. After a fierce duel, the Supreme King finally made the winning move, but at the same time, Axel activated a trap that ended the duel in a draw, and destroyed the Supreme King once and for all. Using the Eye of Oricalcum, Axel and Jim's spirit rescued Jaden and brought him back as the dominent personality. Jaden would later use his alter-ego's power against Yubel later in the season.


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