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Stungun clown
You take one step closer Mr. Man-bat and I'll...!
~ The Stungun Clown to Batman while threatening Selina Kyle with a taser

The Stungun Clown was a minor villain in Batman Returns. He was a part of the Red Triangle Circus Gang led by the Penguin. He showed up near the beginning of the movie and grabbed Selina Kyle. While Batman confronted him, the Stungun Clown threatened to kill Selina with a taser if Batman came one step closer to him. Batman shot a grappling gun toward the building behind the clown. Thinking he was lucky that Batman didn't shoot him. The clown commented "You missed." Before Batman pulled the gun, taking down loose pieces of the building to the clown's head, rendering him unconscious.

On the SNES Beat'em up game, he was the first boss.


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