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First there was darkness... then came the Strangers.
~ Daniel Paul Schreiber about the Strangers.

The Strangers are the main antagonists of the movie "Dark City". They are a dying alien race determined to save their civilization and find out what makes humans so special in order to a find cure.

The history of the Strangers isn't touched on that much, but it is said that they've become a dying species that want to become like the humans of planet Earth so they can adapt and survive.


This section may spoil the story. In the beginning parts of the movie not much is known about them, but as time goes on, a bit more is explained about them like how they're dying and whatnot. For most of the story they try to imprint John Murdoch, the protagonist, with the correct memory in order to get him back under control, but as time goes on they later try to become like him because they find out that John gained the ability to tune which shows that he is evolving/adapting to survive in the city.

At the end Dr. Schreber gives John an imprint which gives John full control of the tuning ability, and the he gets into a fight with Mr. Book and kills him and then later all of the Strangers, except for Mr. Hand who presumably dies later.

Powers and Abilities


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