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The Storyteller is the main antagonist of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He is the supposed creator of Labyrinthia and the writer of it's story, with whatever story he pens becoming true. He is seem by the people of Laybrinthia as their God. In truth he is actually the President of Labrelum Inc. Arthur Cantabella and the entire town was a research facility with all of the towns people being subjects of on-going hypnosis using mind controll/suggestion. Thus the "future altering stories" he wrote were actually 'self-fulfilling prophesies' brought on through this research into the hypnosis.

In truth however, the entire project was an extension of the on-going stories that Cantabella had told his daughter concerning witches, which Cantebella used ever since his daughter was a child to to mentally protect her from the trauma of an a massacre which she unintentionally caused. Through the stories, and then ultimately becoming the StoryTeller himself he was able to make witchcraft seem real, keeping up the on-going illusion to her that the one behind the massacre was actually the Great Witch Bezella.

Eventually this and other truths were revealed by Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, and the one behind the Great Fire massacre was also revealed to not be his daughter, but rather Eve "Darklaw" Belduke.

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