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Squid I

The Squid aka Lawrence Loman aka Clement Carp is a Chinese crime boss who operates in Gotham City. He and his gang steal important documents. Batman manages to return them however he is wounded in the fight. Squid tries to finish him off but fails. After the fall of some major crime lords he tries to gain control of the Gotham Underworld. He manages to capture Batman and tries to feed him to his pet Giant Squid Gertrude. In the end Batman is able to escape and Squid is killed on a roof top by Killer Croc. He later returned alive and met with other Gotham crime bosses at Bruno Mannheim's proposal to join Intergang. However he along with most of the others refuse and are killed.

Squid II

The second is an alien from another dimension. He along with another villain Abyss arrive on the Earth city of Fairfax to commit robberies. Chris King and Vicki Grant in hero forms fight and defeat them. The Squid tries to escape in a
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portal but since it is damaged it sends him to and unknown location that even Abyss doesn't know where it is.

Later it is revealed that The Squid is a prisoner of Ex Nihilo. He escapes but agrees to do jobs for her. His first job was to kill Darren Hirsch in a hospital. He then fights Nelson Jent in one of his hero forms. When Nelson's hero form start to lose power he gets away. Nelson and Manteau later find Squid and Ex Nihilo trying to greet Abyss upon his arrival. Ex Nihilo tries to merge with him but it fails. They then fight however Squid get the upper hand and captures Manteau. Squid then contacts Nalson and reveals that he let him live in the fight before. He regrets the murder he committed and just wanted to go home and figured Nelson could help him. They go rescue Manteau but one of Ex Nihilo's henchmen shoots him and he gets wounded. At the end of the whole ordeal Abyss goes back through a portal to home and Squid passes away.


The second Squid could shoot ink from his fingertips.
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