The Splund is a rotund, malicious creature that appears in the British children's claymation series The Trapdoor. He appears in the episodes "Don't Open That Trapdoor" and "The Splund".


The Splund is a pink balloon-like creature that seems to be much more intelligent than the other Trapdoor monsters, capable of speech and possesses a mean streak as well as a dark sense of humour. He is also capable of teleporting. In the episode "The Splund", he emerges from the trapdoor into Berk's castle, apparently keen on moving in. He introduces himself to Boni, Drutt and Drutt's nippers and makes fun of them, laughing at their names and asking them what they taste like.

Berk meets the Splund when he comes downstairs after sewing the Thing Upstairs' pyjamas back up. He is not impressed by the Splund's behaviour and uses a large sewing needle to pop him like a balloon.