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Oh great, now they're spitting shit at us!
~ Ellis
So that's a Spitter, huh? Do you think she's single?
~ Nick

The Spitter is one of the supporting and special infecteds in "Left 4 Dead 2", she is one of the three only female special infected "others are the witch and the female boomer", technially, if you dont count the female boomer, she is the only playable special infected that is a female.

The Spitter have a Coward/Brave thing, Her primary attack allows her to spit acid, it does more damage to survivors the longer they stand in it, after she spit she will either retreat or attack the survivors with her melee attack "she also will be slower for a few seconds"

As a Spitter, her prefered area are narrow paths, high, and outta sight areas, She can either slow down the survivors or spilt them up

Spitters and Boomers are deadly duo, spitters can spit on the survivor covered in boomer bile and surrounded by zombies.


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