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Peter Parker from another reality, who has the Carnage symbiote and is an insane killer. 


The Spider was the red-headed Peter Parker of Marvel Exiles,Carnage presumably left Kasady,who then merged with Peter Parker and became a murderer. He was drafted by the Timebreakers into Weapon X.

He replaced Daredevil after it was presumed the Timebroker had sent him back home. When Hyperion (Earth-4023) became a member and de facto leader of Weapon X, Spider joined him in his cause to conquer multiple realities. Peter was subsequently killed by Firestar (Earth-3062) with a mega-blast from her powers when he tried to charge her,while his spider sense alerted him at the last second.

He was buried in the prison cemetery of his home reality.

Personality and Appearance

The Spider is a sadistic but yet insane individual due of the bonding with Carnage, as a sociopath who "liked hurting people", Peter had a sense of humor akin to Deadpool. He appears as a complete red suited Spiderman, but more bulky, minus the web lines and black veins forming a symbol of a Spider and two gaps between his mouth.


The same as Peter Parker (Earth-616) plus the Carnage Symbiote.

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