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She is where she belongs.
~ The Speaker to Kait
The Speaker is the secondary antagonist of the 2016 video-game Gears of War 4. He is a survivor Locust and the reponsible of the capture of Reyna Diaz.

Gears of War 4

Overnight in a settlement, Kait sat by the window, seeing a strange shadow, will review and suddenly is attacked by the Swarm, His mother Reyna tries to defend the place but is taken by The Speaker, Reyna cuts his hand and stabs him several times but that does not stop and hit Reyna leaving her wound and and finally catching it.

later reappears the Speaker preventing passage JD, Kait, Marcus and Del, Kait asks his mother but he says that is where should, thereupon call a Swarmak and begins an intense battle, then finally Swarmak is defeated and the Speaker falls, badly hurt trying to take a grenade launcher but fails and after Kait telling that will destroy their hive, and finally Kait kicks him killing him


The Speaker It has an appearance as an original but surviving the attack by the weapon of Adam Fenix Locust, because radiation has crystals that are the product of Imulsion in their cells

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