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Only God can grant eternal life! Not this pagan water!
~ The Spaniard
The Spaniard was the most trusted agent of King Ferdinand VI of Spain and the tertiary, later secondary antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This enigmatic figure is one that Ferdinand has never known to fail, especially with the task of finding the Fountain of Youth. He was unknown by any name other than "The Spaniard".

The Spaniard and his men are shown pursuing the Fountain of Youth in competition with the rest of the main cast throughout the film, and towards the end they arrive at the fountain itself, one on the English soldiers tried marking the fountain as the king's property. but he was shot dead before he could even finish. The Spaniard told one of his men to make sure the man's fearlessness was documented, he later reveals to the pirates and English soldiers that the Spanish weren't there to claim the Fountain of Youth, but rather to destroy it, as it was seen as a blasphemous object that gave away which only the Lord had the right to, immortality, they proceeded with destroying the Fountain and he left with his men to report their success to King Ferdinand.

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