It is our way. We are Newfu.
~ The Source.

The Source is the main villain in the Teen Titans episode, "Employee Of The Month". It is an evil alien tofu creature who was responsible for kidnapping the cows. At first, The Source had a robotic voice, but when he revealed itself, he spoke in a high-pitched voice.

He was voiced by legendary voice actor Rob Paulsen.

The Source sent its army of Bobs to attack Beast Boy. Beast Boy then kidnapped The Source and took him to the Titans Tower and demanded The Source how he can defeat the Bobs and shut down the self-destruction device. When The Source wouldn't talk, he was placed on a plate along with a fork and Beast Boy threatened to eat him for lunch. After The Source was smothered with BBQ sauce, it told the secret on how to defeat the Bobs, which is water. After Beast Boy saved the day, a hungry Cyborg consumed The Source, thus putting an end to the tyrant alien tofu creature.

The Source was also seen joining the Brotherhood, but didn't actually fight with them.