Now, watch how a real sorceress dispatches her enemies.
~ The Sorceress

The Sorceress, also known as the "Queen of the Forgotten Worlds", is an evil dinosaur-like witch who rules the long-lost Forgotten Worlds as its queen, and she is the main antagonist of the third Spyro game, Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The Sorceress proves to be one of Spyro's powerful and most wicked foes ever faced.


Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The Sorceress is the ruler of the Forgotten Realms (the Forgotten Worlds) and queen of the Rhynocs, she looks a bit like a dinosaur mixed with a hippo wearing both a tall golden jewelled crown and a gold, horned necklace with a magenta opal gem and she is also over 1,000 years old. She is responsible for the kidnapping of 150 dragon eggs and plans to use the babies' wings for creating a powerful spell that will make her live forever.

The Sorceress, Queen of the Forgotten Worlds

The Sorceress sits on her royal throne.

Long ago, the Sorceress and the Elder Dragons had a bad argument, and she foolishly used her sorcery to banish all of them to the other side of the world (the Dragon Worlds) outside their former homeland. She did not realize that the dragons themselves were the very source of the magic of all the creatures in the former Dragon Kingdom, including her own magic as well, so everyone, including the Sorceress, in the newly named Forgotten Worlds, ended up paying the price by having their magical powers slowly draining within each passing year.

She is never seen much in the game except inside the throne room of her own palace, but she puts up signs in front of the house of Spyro's allies, taunting them. However, she foolishly left Moneybags in charge.

She ordered for a giant statue of herself to be put up in Enchanted Towers, but complained that it looked too ugly and had the Rhynocs torture the citizens, and she created 3 powerful monsters for Spyro to fight.

The Sorceress' Lair

The Sorceress' Lair at her castle.

But the little dragon defeated them all and eventually found her palace at her kingdom, Midnight Mountain. Spyro seemingly killed her when she fell into the lava moat of her own arena, revealing the 149th egg (which was wedged in her scepter) and left.

But the wicked queen escapes from the lava within her castle arena and takes refuge in the Super Bonus Round, a secret castle in the high peaks of a snowy island where she hid a large stash of all of treasure in the Forgotten Worlds. But Spyro finds her again in a hover platform fight and sends her flying into pink acid, killing her.

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

One year after her defeat, a balloon in the shape of the Sorceress appeared in the party where the baby dragons get their dragonflies. The Sorceress balloon scared Hunter, but Spyro explained that it is just a float, and called Hunter a "scaredy cat".

Powers and Abilities

The Sorceress' Wand

The Sorceress' Wand

The Sorceress can conjure magic spells, one of them notable to turn any normal creature into a ferocious monster. Using her royal golden wand, presumably provided by the magic of a dragon egg attached to her sceptre, she can conjure fireballs and launch a large array of electrical energy spheres, as well as release an electrical discharge from her wand to attack at close-range. can also create a temporary green magic aura as a shield if her opponents gets too close to her.


The Sorceress is bad tempered, vile, ungrateful, and loves to bully her servant/apprentice Bianca. She is also incredibly powerful and evil. A typical dictator who sends her minions to do her dirty work before she can do it herself in the end, the Sorceress is a malicious queen and a power-hungry individual.


Excellent! Maybe you'll amount to something after all. Now, go guard the tunnels. Stop anyone from coming through!
~ After Bianca capture all the eggs. The Sorceress tells Bianca to guard the tunnels.
Listen carefully, you stupid girl! I'm going to ask you one more time - why haven't you disposed of that infernal dragon?!
~ The Sorceress blames Bianca for not scaring Spyro the Dragon as a failure. Asking her why she have not dispose the dragon.
Not afraid? Not afraid?! Why have I been training you all these years? USE... SOME... MAGIC!
~ After Bianca found out that Spyro wasn't afraid and The Sorceress was furious with Bianca.
Here's the Spell book. Whip up the monster... and eliminate him.
~ The Sorceress hands Bianca her spell book.
I don't care what you do! You useless brat, as long as you get rid of him!
~ After Bianca nervously ask about killing Spyro the Dragon, the Sorceress doesn't care about what Bianca doesn't do right
You bumbling, idiotic, worthless fool! I ask you to carry out one simple task and you fail me! I should have known better than to rely on a child!
~ After Bianca fails again, the Sorceress blames her once again.
Don't worry about it. I will deal with them now.
~ The Sorceress will deal with Spyro and Hunter.
Without the Dragons, the magic in this world will wither away. Without magic, I'll die, and so will your ever so slim chance of becoming a SORCERESS!
~ The Sorceress explains to Bianca that her efforts need in becoming the new Sorceress.
How would you like some dragon for lunch?
~ The Sorceress will do her job and asks one of the Rhynocs to have Spyro for lunch before turning him into Spike.
That's it; I've had enough! I'm going to create a monster to end all monsters! And I'm going to send it out to destroy all the dragons, even the little hatchlings! Yes, yes! it will smash them, and crush them, and grind them, and tear them! Oh yes, smear them, and smoosh them, and crack them, and crease them!
~ The Sorceress, as she suffers her mental breakdown and also moments before revealing her true plans.
It doesn't matter; as long as I can still collect their wings!
~ The Sorceress explains to Bianca that she has to kill every dragon in order to collect their wings.
Of course you ignorant girl; I need them for a spell; so I can live forever!
~ After Bianca asks the Sorceress that she can collect all the wings.
What did you think I was going to do with all those dragons? Open a zoo?
~ Sorceress asks Bianca what she do with all the Dragons.
I don't have to kill them... it just stops them from wriggling so much.
~ After Bianca found out that the Sorceress reveals her true intentions about killing the newborn dragons.
Stupid insolent brat; I'll take care of her as soon as I finish off that dragon. Now where was I... ah yes!
~ The Sorceress expressing her disappointment after Bianca abandon her in disgust she later quickly come up with only one good plan to get the big Rhynoc to push the other big Rhynoc who was about transform into Scorch.




  • She was voiced by Flo Di Re who also voiced the Vie de Marli's Protectorate clan priestess and Lucia's adopted mother Matier in Devil May Cry 2.
  • She is considered the darkest and cruelest of the Spyro villains, next to Malefor.
  • Her methods of her plan to be immortal were exceedingly cruel; especially for a game aimed at children.
  • She is also sometimes called the "Sorceress Queen" by some Spyro fans.
  • While Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto are considered to be Spyro's main adversaries, The Sorceress is Spyro's first "archenemy".
  • She is the only evildoer from the classic series to be considered Pure Evil.