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The Soccer Team are the main antagonists of the episode "With the Same Smile as That Day" of the anime Clannad Afterstory.


Youhei Sunohara's younger sister Mei wanted to get her brother back on the soccer team so that he would get his act together. Two years earlier Sunohara was relentlessly bullied by the upperclassmen on the team for being younger. Sick of enduring the abuse he got into a fight with his teamates and was kicked off of the soccer team. In an attempt to get him back on Mei, Nagisa, and Tomoya confront the team about letting Sunohara on. The team bullies and ridicules the three of them and rejects their proposition. Later Mei tries to convince them again and Tomoya even begs the captain to let Sunohara back on. The captain likes his begging and comments on how Okazaki has changed. They agree to hear the protagonists out if they act as the ball boys for the team and catch the balls that go into the outfield. Mei and the rest agree but the team purposely antagonizes them by kicking as many balls into the outfield as possible. One of the members kicks a ball right at Mei hitting her frail young body and causing her pain. Despite this she carries on until the end of practice. After practice a large amount of the team goes home and Tomoya, Mei, and Nagisa confront the remaining members about letting Youhei on the team. They reject the idea once again and tell Mei that Youhei knows about what she is doing and won't come for her causing Mei to cry. When she begins crying a team member grabs her by the arm and tells her to cry louder while holding onto her arm. When Okazaki goes to help her he is held back by the rest of the team and can no longer contain himself. Tomoya goes to punch her captor but Youhei arrives and hits the brute first sending him to the ground. Tomoya tells Nagisa to take care of Mei and him and Sunohara fight the entire team. Later they are seen laying on the soccer field after a long fight. The damage that Okazaki and Sunohara did to the Soccer team is unknown.