The Snowman is a supporting villain in the 2015 revamp of British animate series Danger Mouse and the main antagonist of it's Christmas special The Snowman Cometh. He is a living snowman with one normal stick arm and one made of ice and can freeze things.

He is voiced by Richard Ayoade.

In The Snowman Cometh set on Christmas Eve, The Snowman steals Santa Claus's magic hat (which helps him deliver his presents in one night) and his reindeer-pulled sleigh. The Snowman then declares that he will cancel Christmas and unleashes a snowman army.

After Danger Mouse, Penfold and Santa's elves defeat the snowman army, The Snowman eats Santa's hat which causes him to grow into a giant. He then traps Danger Mouse, Penfold and an elf named Kiki in a storage container before going on the rampage.

Luckily, the trio get free and with the help of Santa and Professor Squawkencluck, they get back the hat and drag The Snowman across the sun, causing him to melt.