The Smoker is one of the supporting antagonists in the videogame Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. The infection has caused the Smoker's tongue to become long and whip-like, and he uses his tongue to shoot out at survivors, wrap them up, and pull them back. If he can't pull them back, he will choke his victim.

The Smoker has been heavily mutated by the infection and makes high-pitched rasping and coughing which can alert the Survivors of his presence. He resembles most Common Infected, but is taller, more durable, and his skin is covered in growth that cause little green spurts of green smoke and blood to ooze out when shot. The smoke apparently gives off a repulsive smell, but is otherwise harmless, except that it fogs the Survivor's vision. The left side of the Smokers face is bloated and appears to be covered by a large tumor.

The Smoker wears a white shirt with a green jacket, along with jeans and sneakers. His mentality is similar to typical Infected, but is not distracted by lights, pipe bombs, or car alarms. When constricted, Survivors have 1-2 seconds to shoot the Smoker before their arms are snared by the tongue. If they don't, they will be dragged away to either die, be rescued by a melee attack, the tongue is severed, or the Smoker dies.

In Left 4 Dead 2, the infection has further mutated the Smoker. The Smoker has large tumors and appendages covering his chest and neck. The Smoker has grown several more toungues, several sprouting out of his back. There are several boils around his wrist. The Smoker wears a blue T-Shirt and jeans and is no longer gray in color, but is somewhat similar to normal humans.