The Smiths are minor antagonists in The Powerpuff Girls, since in the episode "Supper Villain", Harold has started a food fight, which made the Utonium family enemies with them. Harold was always sick of them saving the world. 


  • Harold Smith- An average suburban factory worker, whose ineffectual and timid exterior hides a secret passion for evil. He had an adapted hair-dryer that could melt a person's head, though he never actually had an opportunity to use it. He is a bald man, with a long, banana-like nose and a timid, quivering voice. He wears a pair of square eyeglasses, a pair of stocking, a pair of red thermal underwear, yellow rubber gloves, a holster strapped to one hip, a blue bath mat tied around the neck for a cape, black-rimmed goggles, replacing his square glasses, a hood on top of sparkler.
  • Maryann Smith - Harold's very darkly tanned wife, with very light blond hair. She is very weasel-like in appearance, as she has a sharply pointed nose, features bunched up n the middle of her face (as if they're about to sink in), whose excessive perkiness barely disguises a vicious, shrewish side. ounds insanely perky, and wears a black bodysuit and thigh-high boots, with a black mask and blue gloves as well. She screams at Harold if he does not do the evil stuff, like harm The Powerpuff girls.
  • Bud Smith - A sullen, green-haired, angst-driven teen with his mother's teeth with braces who hates everything, especially his boring dad but not after his father Harold who becomes the Supervillain Harold Smith. He wears a black outfit with blue gloves and a green cape to match his hair
  • Julie Smith - A simple-minded pudgy little girl with a long blond ponytail and features that almost look drawn on whose life revolves around playing jacks. She wears a black ballet tutu with spikes around its edge, a matching mask and toe shoes. Initially she didn't hate the Powerpuff Girls, but joined her family in their revenge after the Girls lost her jacks.


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