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The Skuas are a gang of predatory birds that try to eat Mumble in the movie, and minor antagonists Happy Feet.

Mumble decides to dance privately; away from the other penguins. The skuas spot him as prey and try to eat him. The boss skua tries to kill him, but Mumble stalls and asks him about the band around his leg, which the other skuas seem to dislike. The boss skua shuts them up and begins his story, while the other skuas mock him behind his back. The boss claims that he was snatched up by "big ugly penguins with no feathers", referring to them as "aliens". The skua pauses for awhile and continues trying to eat Mumble. Mumble then falls into a crack in the ice. The skuas try to catch him to no success and leave.

Later, while Mumble is a teenager, the skuas try to steal Mumble's fish. Mumble refuses to let go and is sent high up into the air, until he falls and falls. He then offers the fish to Gloria.