The Skiver, also known as Spiral Pegacion is one of the eight Maverick bosses fought in Mega Man X5.


The Skiver is the last living member of the Repliforce, whose leaders the Colonel and the General died in the events of Mega Man X4. He shows a somewhat little respect for Zero as a hunter but wants to kill X to avenge the General, (but only if he becomes infected). Before being infected with the Sigma Virus, he wants to challenge either X or Zero as his final battle before succumbing to the virus.

If Zero fights him when he is infected, Skiver will mention Iris (Colonel's sister in Mega Man X4) and will try to avenge her death. Skiver´s flight and attack moves are very similar to the ones used by Storm Eagle in Mega Man X; he flies up and down and both left and right, trying to knock down either X or Zero from the small platform they are fighting.   

He can also "summon" tornadoes by using his signature attack called Wing Spiral.