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The unnamed Skiptracer is the secondary, later true main antagonist of the 2013 film, Identity Thief.

He is played by Robert Patrick, who also plays the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, who was also an assassin like this character.


The Skiptracer is also a bounty hunter hired to track down the fake Sandy Patterson. He eventually finds her and captures her, but the real Sandy Patterson pursues him and rescues her, wrecking the former's van in the process. He then decides to kill them instead. Later on, the Skiptracer shoots Marisol and Julian at their ankles as revenge for one of the two having shot him earlier (making the two blame each other for who was the real culprit) and locks them in the back of their car, and then pursues Diana and Sandy in an effort to kill them. At the end, he gets surrounded by the police cars and is ultimately arrested along with Marisol and Julian.

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