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One of the members of the Sisterhood, Xanthe.

The Sisterhood is a fanatical, matriarchal organization in the webcomic Sinfest.



The Sisterhood fights against a matrix called the Patriarchy and their goal is to give equal rights to women. While this goal is good in and of itself, they are often shown acting very misandric. They would excuse women if they did something wrong while holding the men responsible. This is shown in one strip where Xanthe gives Charlie Brown a restraining order on the Little Red-Haired Girl while not commenting on Lucy's stalkerish behavior on Charlie Brown. They also use glasses that are supposed to "translate" a male's thoughts out of context. The Sisterhood employs tactics that are borderline for  terrorism. They would destroy factories and reprogram robots to attack their creators in order to strengthen their cause.

When the Sisterhood and Xanthe arrived, much of the webcomic's humor vanished and the Sisterhood and the Patriarchy arc took away most of the action from the webcomic.

Notable members

  • Xanthe Justice (Leader)
  • Clio Merembe (Hacker)
  • Tess (Mechanic)


  • The whole plot of the Sisterhood is considered unbearable by the fans of the webcomic and Xanthe herself is a very despised character due to her hypocritical attitude towards men and women and her straw feminist views.
  • The author of the webcomic intended the Sisterhood to be viewed as heroes. They are viewed by a large number of fans as villians. 
  • The Sisterhood is a highly controversial topic among Sinfest fans. It can be described a base breaker as the Sisterhood created a large schism in the fanbase.

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