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The Shirogane Three's Clan Symbol

The Shirogane Three are a group of talented puppet users which also gives them the name the Puppet Walkers. They are the main villains in the Naruto game titled Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2. Ibushi the older man and leader uses giant lizard like puppets that he has fought Naruto with. Gando is the younger and more fat guy of the group who tried to kill Naruto and his friends but it was unsuccessful. Gando's puppets were not shown much, and Gando died alone with his puppets after being defeated by Naruto. Meno the only female in the team used wasp or bee like puppets to try and kill Naruto but yet it remained unsuccessful as she was killed by Naruto as well. As days went by, Ibushi's soul took control of the Ultimate Puppet which made him almost invincible until Neji Hyuga found his Achille's heel. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji both took the puppet down with the chakra they had and since Ibushi's soul was trapped in the puppet he died too.

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