"Shadow" is a nameless tyrant and the true antagonist of the webcomic Positoss. Shadow was known in a previous universe for terrorizing, destroying and ruling over everyone and everything other than himself.


The Shadow was born and lived in the universe prior to the current one until reign of terror was interrupted by the
Shadow and Destiak
Big Bang which he thought to be as an act of punishment for his actions (to kill him and start over). Vaporizing him to become a ghost. He gained new abilities which he used to corrupt Destiak, turning him into Destioss which he used as a slavedriver for his new army.

Shadow is the leader of the Vysari, the dominant species in his universe.


The Shadow bears resemblance to Blackheart and a demonic alien version of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow's power and energy has transformed him, making him appear notably different to the rest of his species, appearing more demonic than them.

Shadow is 14.5 feet tall with dark grey to black skin, covered in dark red markings and spikes with two dragon/animal-like legs and 4 nostrils. He is spiked all the way down his arms with a five fingered (including thumbs) hand with a thumb on either side and has a tail almost as long as he is tall.

After he was vaporized, he appears nothing more than black fire, sometimes with a fake face.


Shadow enjoys seeing others suffering and death, the more painful the better. Despite being destructive and sometimes insane, Shadow's intellect matches his power, making him extremely intelligent and scheming. He is also vengeful and doesn't believe in second chances, upset him once and you're done for.