The Servant is the main antagonist of the Slender / ARG series TrialofLeaves.


He began stalking the TrialofLeaves boys (Justin, Josiah and Nathan) for apparently unknown reasons. He hacked their youtube account and uploaded strange and disturbing videos.

Later, he kidnaps Josiah and sends him to an alternate reality in the form of an endless forest. He also has a quick conversation with Nathan when he goes to the real-world forest. In the video entitled Deliverance, Nathan and Justin finally find the portal leading to the alternate reality which Josiah was locked in, after being attacked by The Servant and chased by The Rake, they escape, saving Josiah in the process.

However, Nathan realises that his handgun is missing and is shot in the head by The Servant, unfortunately ending his life. The Servant tries to kill Justin with an axe but is saved by Josiah in time. In fury, Josiah destroys The Servant's eyeballs, causing Servant to make a desperate attempt to flee. He is shot to death by both Josiah and Justin as revenge for what he did to Nathan.