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The Servant is a minnor antagonist in the PS1 game video game Heart of Darkness. He is first seen getting abused by his master in His temple, when a flying wraith comes in with a sack how the servant belives to have Andy, (the protagonist.) He sucks up to his master until hes scares him and demands to open the sack, which the servant did only to find it was not Andy but his dog Wiskey. Outraged the master kills the wraith and throws the servant against a spikey wall wich would have endded his life, if the Masters lieutenant hadn't accidentally saved him. Later he is seen with an grope of wraiths how captured Andy, the servant locks Andy in a sell with his dog and threatens him that the Master will soon finish him off. He the delivers the magic stone to his Master and gained its power only to lose it soon after when the Master destroys it, but what the Master didn't know is that his sevant was becomeing more devious, and was planeing do destroy the Master out of vengance for all the abuse, by rebuilding the stone and droping it into the blackhole in the masters throne room which would kill him. He meet Andy again and told him how the stone would get rid of the Master. Wall the servant rebuilt the stone Andy was sent to find the missing pieces. The sevant betrayed Andy by kicking his dog into te void. Soon the servant was captured by the Amigos and accidently crused by the stone. After Andy defeats the Master the Amigos were seen carrying the servant out of the Temple. He was seen at there home land getting spanked by an Amigo. He was last seen in the credits conducting the music.

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