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Ding dong, I have found you!
~ The seeker

The Seeker is the main antagonist of Hide and Seek. It is a demon or ghost that finds kids that are alone, at home, and forces them to play a game of hide-and-seek. If the seeker catches the kid, it possesses them, and kills them.

The Story

The story began with a doll, that was possessed by an unknown entity (some say it was the ghost of a child murdered while playing hide and seek, others say it was a demon). The family that owned the doll began to become afraid of the doll, so they gave it to the child that neighbored them. A few days later, the child went missing. Soon afterwards, the child was found dead inside the home of another child, who was missing. Soon after, this missing child was found dead inside the home of another missing child. In actuality, the first child was possessed by the spirit inside the doll, and the spirit went to the second child, played "hide-and-seek" with him, and once found, possessed him, killing the previous host. The cycle then repeated as this new possessed child went to play "hide-and-seek" with the next victim.

Eventually, after several more victims, the song takes place. The current victim is a girl, who is stalking a young boy, trapped inside of his house. After she breaks into the house, the game begins. She tracks him down through the halls, and finds him hiding in the closet. She then mauls and possesses him off-screen. The final shot shows the girl dead on the floor, and the boy with empty eyes, smiling at the screen, implying the viewer is the next victim.


SeeU Lyrics

Ding Dong

I know you can hear me

Open up the door

I only want to play a little 

Ding Dong

You can’t keep me waiting

It’s already too late

For you to try and run away 

I see you through the window 

Our eyes are locked together 

I can sense your horror

Though I’d like to see it closer

Ding Dong

Here I come to find you

Hurry up and run

Let’s play a little game and have fun

Ding Dong

Where is it you’ve gone to?

Do you think you’ve won?

Our game of hide and seek has just begun

I hear your footsteps

Thumping loudly through the hallways

I can hear your sharp breaths 

You’re not very good at hiding

Just wait, you can’t hide from me (I’m coming)

Just wait, you can’t hide from me (I’m coming)

Just wait, you can’t hide from me (I’m coming)

Just wait, you can’t hide from me

Knock Knock

I am at your door now

I am coming in

No need for me to ask permission

Knock Knock

I’m inside your room, now

Where is it you’ve hid?

Our game of hide and seek’s about to end

I’m coming closer

Looking underneath your bed but

You’re not there, I wonder

Could you be inside the closet?

Ding Dong

I have found you

Ding Dong

You were hiding here

Now you’re it

Ding Dong

Finally found you, dear

Now you’re it

Ding Dong

Looks like I have won

Now you’re it

Ding Dong

Pay the consequence.

GUMI Lyrics

Close your eyes in one two three
We'll be playing hide and seek

Four five six don't try to peek
Or I'll impale your eyes on stick

Seven eight the feeling's great
When you are my playmate

Nine and ten this is the end
I can't wait to see you dead


  • In the French version, the Seeker is male.
  • In GUMI's Hide and Seek the Seeker is implied to have tortured its new victim before killing him or her.
  • The song is based off of an actual Japanese game called "one-man hide and seek" or "the devil's hide and seek," in which the player plays hide and seek with a doll that is supposedly possessed by a malevolent spirit. The doll is said to attempt to stab the hider.
    • In some variations the girl is holding a knife in the song, which is likely an homage stemming from this.



SeeU- Hide and Seek (ORIGINAL SONG)02:32

SeeU- Hide and Seek (ORIGINAL SONG)